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  Meet Kyle  

Kyle Hall is a common sense conservative committed to the ideals of limited government, family values and personal responsibility. He has served the 91st District in the North Carolina House since 2015.

Born and raised in the 91st State House District, Kyle is the son of two lifelong public educators. He is the proud product of our state's public school systems, working his way through community college, and earning a Bachelor of Arts from UNC-Chapel Hill. 

​Kyle is a licensed real estate broker and Realtor.  

In Raleigh, Kyle serves as a Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and Chairman of the House Energy and Public Utilities Committee. 

Kyle is a member of the UNC Chapel Hill Board of Visitors and the Winston-Salem Association of REALTORS. He attends First Baptist Church-King.

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Kyle's legislative actions and priorities are guided by these three primary issues. Click the buttons below to read more ...

  Endorsed By  

Speaker of The N.C. House, Tim Moore

"Kyle's efforts, deeply influenced by conservative ideals, are paving the way for our state's growth and success. His contribution to the legislature plays a crucial role in our united effort to boost the well-being and prosperity of our state."

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N.C. House Rules Chairman, Destin Hall

"Working with Kyle at the State House has truly been a privilege. I'm profoundly appreciative of his meticulous efforts and commitment to our legislative work. I am deeply thankful that the people of District 91 have selected him as their representative in Raleigh."

Stokes County Sheriff,  Joey Lemons

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"I have worked with Kyle Hall on issues important to Stokes County. Kyle has stood out as being tough on crime. He is there when we need him."

Connect with Kyle.

  @kylehallnc  on all platforms

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